Easter eggstravaganza

6 May

As we say around here, two weeks late and moving fast……

I enjoyed decorating lots of eggs this easter and here they are for your enjoyment:

These ones are just doodled with black texta

The idea came from Alisa Burke’s blog and her doodle egg tutorial

These were dyed with food dye, and a few experiments with way crayon resist (you can’t see it here), water colour pencil (faintly blue on the green) and scratching colour off (obvious on the purple). The colours are awesome.

The easter bunny brought these for our Easter breakfast

I believe the bunny may have used some pink food dye too. Maybe she put rubber bands around the eggs as she boiled them to make the stripes?

Quilling to our left and silk tie dye to our right. Neither are my favourites, though both are interesting (and slightly out of focus here)

The final effect:

Hope everyone had a lovely easter! I can’t wait ’til next year when I can make more eggs 🙂


Dyed in the wool

22 Apr

Ms H saw a Rainbow dress and she wanted one with all her heart and soul. No worries, just a little dying and then a little knitting. What could be easier?  I have this tendency to kind of know something is not going to work, but to press ahead anyway. So the first skein of wool. I wanted it to be a gradual rainbow. I laid it out on my kitchen table in a very very big loop.

And then I painted it with food dye, gradually changing the colour as I went.  My maths brain was telling me the colours would change too quickly, but onward and upward, off I went, cooking the wool in the oven and winding it up to make a lovely bright ball.  And then I knitted it up and the colours changed too quickly- more melted rainbow ice-cream than rainbow.

So, plan B.  The bodice of the dress became melted rainbow ice-cream and the rest of the wool I dyed in separate skeins.  It was all finished just in time for a birthday twirl (birthday afternoon, but hey, it’s stretched the presents out longer)  The pattern is by the lovely Tikki – big sister rainbow dress.

Autumn Productivity

2 Apr

Autumn is a nice busy time of year round here. (as compared to say, Christmas, which is a way TOO busy time). Harvesting, bottling, weeding out the garden for the winter crops, there’s always lots to do, but the sort of work that leaves you with a result you can admire for at least a few weeks. (Unlike sweeping my kitchen floor, which usually lasts about two minutes).  I’m always dreaming of bottling a whole year’s worth of tomatoes. Of course, this year, it didn’t happen again, but I did bottle maybe three months worth, which was better than nothing!

We also had a lot of plums to pick.  Even after we’d feasted and caked and stewed them, there was plenty left to make plum and cinnamon jam. Yummo!

Autumn Nature Table

2 Apr

We made an autumn leaf garlands like they do on Twig and Toadstool, and new gnomes keep coming to visit the blue gnome house.

We are picking up lots of seed pods on our bedtime walk.

Enjoying a real autumny autumn after our not too summery summer!

Last of the Twelve nights

7 Jan

So yesterday our three kings finally made it to the stable, and now it’s time to pack away our Christmas things for another year.

Homemade holidays wrap-up

2 Jan

It’s a while since I’ve posted, and Christmas is fast fading behind, but while it’s still part of the twelve nights I thought I might post some things I made.

A mosaic table for mum and dad, the design kind of inspired by Margaret Preston lino-cuts, with a Sturt Desert Pea in the corner.

A little felt chook that Father Christmas brought F.

Some packets of gingerbread and almond bread all wrapped up (there wasn’t much almond bread in the end, as one tin fell from it’s “Safe Place” on top of the fridge, and became almond bread crumbs)

Wet felted scarf for Greta. (similar to one I made for H’s playgroup teacher)

Watercolour gift tags, cut out of one of H’s beautiful paintings.

Somehow I didn’t end up making much for my own dear hearts, but nothing I could have made would have brought as much joy as the shiny red scooter Father Christmas left in H’s stocking, so what can you do?

Felted Coasters

17 Dec

I had to make something useful for a swap I was in, and decided to make some coasters. I was really inspired by the work that Harpa Jónsdóttir does, which you can see here.  I usually follow patterns, so freestyling was new, and challenging, and it turned out it wasn’t that easy, and mine didn’t turn out quite as they were in my head, but I think I like them anyway. (Sorry for lousy photos and long sentences)