Off to the Fair

7 Nov

Today I left Mr Grubby to sleep in and took my girls to the Sophia Mundi Steiner School Fair. In my experience, Steiner Fairs can only be described with a serious overuse of the words lovely and beautiful. Sort of like a fete on herbal steroids, packed with lovely things to buy , yummies to eat, and actual things for the kids to do, other than buy and eat. The winner for H today was the children’s tent. Really just a fancy lucky dip, but NO adults are allowed inside. How glorious when you are four.
My highlight is going through the classrooms, all set up to look indescribably beautiful. Are they really filled with large groups of noisy children during the week? I’m inspired to try and create this kind of space for my students, but deeply sceptical of my chances of pulling it off.


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