Pink kind of Stinks

13 Nov

I’ve already mentioned I’m not that keen on pink.  And here’s some of why.  The pink police are making me sad.  My 4.5 y.o has been a fanatical Thomas-the-Tank fan. She loves her train set, and hasn’t had much interest in the beautiful dolls her grandma buys her (or the one I spent hours making 😦 ) Interestingly, when she plays with them, she often tells “family” stories- the trains have big sisters, go to playgroup etc. Also, from the time she could say it at about eighteen months she has been a loyal fan of the colour yellow. Anyway at child-care another girl apparently said to her “you’re wearing a Thomas T-shirt, you’re a boy, you can’t play with us”. Since then, my daughter is getting all into pink. Of course, nothing wrong with pink per se, but a culture which so limits your colour choices and then uses that to limit all your other choices is infuriating. (girls and boys yoghurt anyone?)


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