On a Supermarket Fast

15 Nov

I really don’t like supermarkets. I don’t like them for personal reasons, like their lighting is depressing and their colour schemes dull. I don’t like them because of their evil strategies to get my daughter to nag me, like running Easter into Halloween and Halloween into Christmas, so there’s always something she wants me to buy. But there are good reasons I don’t like them too:
1)They use their market share to rip off small suppliers and farmers.
2) Everything they sell is overpackaged.
3)They use their store brands to undercut prices for everyone else, and
4)I constantly go home with things not on my list, that I don’t really need.
Well, maybe 4 is not their fault, but anyway, this week I’m not going at all. And I’m not sending anyone else in the family either. We’ll make a bit more yoghurt and bread, and buy anything else we need somewhere else. I was almost upended today when I discovered we had no oil, but luckily I found some at the Turkish grocer. Two days down, five to go.


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