Dyed in the wool

22 Apr

Ms H saw a Rainbow dress and she wanted one with all her heart and soul. No worries, just a little dying and then a little knitting. What could be easier?  I have this tendency to kind of know something is not going to work, but to press ahead anyway. So the first skein of wool. I wanted it to be a gradual rainbow. I laid it out on my kitchen table in a very very big loop.

And then I painted it with food dye, gradually changing the colour as I went.  My maths brain was telling me the colours would change too quickly, but onward and upward, off I went, cooking the wool in the oven and winding it up to make a lovely bright ball.  And then I knitted it up and the colours changed too quickly- more melted rainbow ice-cream than rainbow.

So, plan B.  The bodice of the dress became melted rainbow ice-cream and the rest of the wool I dyed in separate skeins.  It was all finished just in time for a birthday twirl (birthday afternoon, but hey, it’s stretched the presents out longer)  The pattern is by the lovely Tikki – big sister rainbow dress.


One Response to “Dyed in the wool”

  1. Donna Lohr April 22, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    Beautiful. Makes me wish I could knit. But I will just enjoy your fine work.

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