Czech cut-out

16 Dec

My mum brought the pattern for this back for me from a holiday a few years ago, and I had never got around to it.  Well I didn’t really need to try another craft and acquire another queue.  But I was looking for something to put in H’s advent calendar bag, so I thought I’d give it a go.  So after I get my knitting and my felting and my mosaic Christmas gifts done, I might even make another one.


Needle felted Nativity

10 Dec

Advent has been hurrying on it’s merry way round here and I had a stab at my first ever needle felting. The stab was quite literal, those needles are definitely sharp. But in the end, I was quite pleased with my gentle round Mary and hippie-haired Joseph. Creative Friday ButtonYou can see heaps of other really beautiful things people have been making over at Natural Suburbia!

First Zucchini of the Season

21 Nov

Zucchinis are such generous plants, and the first of the season comes to my kitchen to be greeted with open arms. By February, I may be a little less enthusiastic, but for now, a hundred uses run through my head. What will we do with this blessed first harvest? The golden ones, though no more tasty, are a particularly sunny addition to our meals. Yay for zucchinis!

Grubbyknees 1, Snails 100

20 Nov

My snails have a love affair with my curcubit seedlings.  Especially the ones that I really want to eat.  How do they know which pumpkin is my favourite?  Why do they care that  I really want to add cucumbers to my repertoire. (They seem to be one of the odd things that come in glut proportions to some gardens, but never to mine).  Anyway, today I bought more of the copper tape to put round my seedling boxes, and fed another 50 or so snails to the chooks.

Crafting with Kids

19 Nov

When I look at other people’s blogs, I see amazing things their very young kids have made. When I try to make something with my 4 y.o., the results are unconventional at best. Perhaps we don’t craft together enough, or maybe I’m expecting too much, or is it really that the other mums are much more prescriptive?
Take today, we decided to make some leaf-print pendants for Christmas presents. Here are mine:

She did a great job of the prints. Wasn’t that interested in making a regular shape for the background, but I could live with that. Then she got interested in the holes. Lots of holes. They’re interesting. Possibly not in a wearable way:

200 words for rain

18 Nov

We’re not long out of an extended drought here, but it feels like it’s been raining for months.  Just this week we’ve had heavy semi-tropical thunderstorms, steady driving rain, light foggy mist, almost imperceptible drizzle, and today, an unfamiliar type. Light rain that got heavier, but somehow also remained light.  I know it’s good for the garden, I know it’s good for the catchments, but with 2 under 5’s in the house, I reserve the right to complain about the rain!

Seahorse tile done

17 Nov

Mostly, I make functional things. Clothes and stuff. Sometimes I make whimsical things, usually as toys. But at my mosaic class I had to make a tile for no purpose at all. It was just to learn the techniques. I found it quite hard!