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Easter eggstravaganza

6 May

As we say around here, two weeks late and moving fast……

I enjoyed decorating lots of eggs this easter and here they are for your enjoyment:

These ones are just doodled with black texta

The idea came from Alisa Burke’s blog and her doodle egg tutorial

These were dyed with food dye, and a few experiments with way crayon resist (you can’t see it here), water colour pencil (faintly blue on the green) and scratching colour off (obvious on the purple). The colours are awesome.

The easter bunny brought these for our Easter breakfast

I believe the bunny may have used some pink food dye too. Maybe she put rubber bands around the eggs as she boiled them to make the stripes?

Quilling to our left and silk tie dye to our right. Neither are my favourites, though both are interesting (and slightly out of focus here)

The final effect:

Hope everyone had a lovely easter! I can’t wait ’til next year when I can make more eggs 🙂